New year, new us!

Dear reader,

On behalf of the Student North Carolina Association of Educators State Executive Board, I would like to welcome you to read about our adventures over the course of this next year as well as encourage you to follow us on all social media outlets so that you can see what we are up to. I would also like to encourage you to interact with us on these outlets, we love to hear from you. With that being said, let the journey begin on a great year.

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. – Oprah Winfrey

Our Democracy. Our Responsibility. Our Time.

IMG_0422Over the past week, the SNCAE Executive Board has had the opportunity to meet together to brainstorm and plan out the entire year for you! During this week we, as an executive board, got to know one another and talk about what we wanted our mission for the year to be. We decided that our mission for this year would not only be membership but long term membership. By this, our goal is to attract incoming college students and get them immediately connected to their local SNCAE chapter. After deciding on our mission for the year we dove into planning the year for our members, taking what we have done in previous years and amending it to better meet the needs of local chapters.

For the Fall Leadership Conference, we have made some changes. Each local chapter can still only bring four people but those four people have changed. Those who can attend the Fall Leadership Conference this year is your local chapter president, vice president/ president-elect, and two emerging leaders. This does not mean that your local chapter secretary or treasurer does not get to attend, this means that if they do decide to attend there will not be a specific break out session for them and they will be considered as one of your emerging leaders. We also have some super fun guest coming to meet and instill knowledge into each and every attendee. The executive board also started talking out plans for Outreach to Teach as well as Spring Conference.

IMG_0414Then shortly after we concluded our Summer Leaders Conference President Tori Shoemaker, President-Elect Lauren Hall, and Region 5 Representative Monica Smith headed to Houston, Texas to be a part in the first annual NEA- Aspiring Educators Conference. During this conference, they had the opportunity to network with aspiring educators across the nation as well as attend amazing leadership and racial and social justice sessions. We were also given time to plan collaboratively with newfound friends from across the nation. But mostly we were given an abundance of information to take back home with us to share with our amazing members. 

 For the last two days of our trip, NCAE joined us in preparation for the Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly. Therefore, we had some very friendly faces pop in and see what we were up to.  Along with our NCAE family, we hope to bring all of the amazing things we have learned here back to you and implement it into our local chapters. IMG_0421

That’s a wrap folks…

     On March 30th Members of Students of North Carolina Association of Educators, joined together at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, for a great conference. During this Conference, we had some amazing speakers, great sessions, and a lot of laughs and fun. Also at this Conference, the 2019-2020 Executive Board was voted on and announced. We will have an introduction post about all of the officers later on this month. Here in this post, we will give you all the details about our Spring Conference.

     To start out our Conference, we had a welcome from our 2018-2019 President Hannah Nixon and our President-Elect Tori Shoemaker. They explained the plan for the day and welcomed all of our members and guest speakers.

   Jen Pic 1 After the Welcome from our President and President-Elect, Our opening keynote Speaker Jen Mangrum gave an exceptional speech about her overcoming obstacles, running for Senate, advocating for public education, and teachers. Many people enjoyed this keynote and were inspired by Dr.Mangrum to become Public Education advocates.

“My favorite thing from the conference this year was Dr. Jen Mangrum’s Speech. She is such an amazing and inspiring woman as she advocated for all teachers and public education”

-Brook Bowen (SNCAE Member)

EdTPA pic 2

     After Dr. Magrum’s Opening Keynote, the members went into their sessions. There were 5 different sessions that members had the opportunity to go to. One of those sessions was an all about EdTPA session. This session was led by Dr. Sarah Cannon from NCSU. The session was highly informative. Dr. Cannon gave the members that attended her session lots of great pointers for doing their EdTPA. She also informed them if what the EdTPA entails. Dr. Cannon also gave those attending members a lot of great resources.

     Another session that was available for members to attend was the MakerSpace session. In this session, the presenter was Matt Fisher who helps run the MakerSpace at UNCG. He gave some really cool makerspace pic 2examples of things that many of the members had ever seen done with technology. He explained was exactly a Makerspace/SELF-design studio was, as well as went around the room, and gave some demonstrations of things and resources that are in the UNCG MakerSpace. He then let the members use the technologies and play with some of the tools in the room.

     We also had an English Language Learners Session where  Dr. Jillian Haesler and Dr. Alison Turner from NCSU talked to our members about teaching Enligsh Language Learners, and to take a moment and try to envision being in their shoes. They gave a great session and gave our future educators a lot to think about.

     At this Spring conference, there was also a great session on Political Advocacy given by Kristin Beller from Wake NCAE. She spoke with our Members on how to become great Political Advocates for education and answered their questions. And our last session, but definitely not least. We had a beginning teachers session given by Kristy Moore NCAE Vice-President. Ms. Moore gave lots of great information to our members and answered their questions about becoming great teachers.


     To end our Conference, we had a great ending Keynote given by Dr. Michael Maher from NCSU. We then announced our new 2019-2020 State Executive Board for SNCAE, which you will meet and get some information on in the coming weeks. We then had a goodbye from our 2018-2019 President Hannah Nixon and hello from our 2019-2020 President Tori Shoemaker.

     We want to thank all of the presenters for having great sessions for our members. We also want to thank the members that attended the Conference and made the day what it was. And a HUGE thank you to UNC-Greensboro’s School of Education for letting us use their building and resources to hold the conference. And last but not least, thank you to our 2018-2019 Executive Board for planning this conference along with Amanda Shirk and Ashley Hughes for helping our Board plan this conference at UNCG.

-Lauren Hall (President-Elect)


“Think Globally, Act Locally.”

This week, four of our executive board members had the amazing opportunity to attend the NEA Summer Leadership Conference. We attended breakout sessions, an “ED Camp” professional development session, roundtable talks, met people from all over the country, and much more. It’s close to impossible to talk about the conference in its entirety within one blog post, but let’s give it a try.


As we attended the different topics of breakout sessions, we found an underlying truth to each one – we can each have a voice in the world of education. We talked in groups about difficult topics such as the JANUS decision that was recently decided by the Supreme Court which diminishes our advocacy for our students – and how we are not going to give up our fight for public education. We shared ideas on how to get our chapters and our states more involved in our organization…and can we just take a minute for how incredibly helpful that was? On our last full day, we attended our LEGACY Project – which was a conference on Racial and Social Justice that was so inspiring. We laughed more than we cried and even took a few trips to the Mall of America. We thought globally and will come back to NC prepared to act locally, which was the theme of the conference.


At our Awards Dinner, they recognized each state who has organized a rally, fighting for the rights of our students and our educators. The states varied from Kentucky, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and even North Carolina’s May 16th Rally for Respect. SNCAE was proudly recognized for their participation in the rally. If you’d like to know more about this rally, read our last blog post! Link:


Although I could write for days about the things we did, the different people we met, and the things we learned, I’ll end the post with this. One of the most comforting feelings is sitting in a room with over 300 aspiring educators who all have one thing in common: an undying love for the career they have chosen. It is oddly satisfying to watch each of those 300 people run around the room like maniacs to make sure they have collected each pin from the states that are attending. Making new friends with people from Pennsylvania, Oregon, Tennessee, and many other states that you may never see again but you definitely consider them a life-long friend. The SNCAE Executive Board is now even better prepared to put on the best year that our organization has had in a long time.  

-President, Hannah Nixon

“Forecast for May 16th – 80% chance of rain, 100% chance of being heard.”

As May 16th, 2018 comes to a close in Raleigh, North Carolina, I find myself amazed at what the day has brought. As an aspiring educator, today was very important to me. Why you might ask? Well, I’ll give you a few reasons.

To begin, I want to make one thing very clear – yes, today’s rally included the advocacy for raising teacher pay. But that was not its main purpose. Today’s main purpose was to fight for the future, and to gain respect for our profession (hint, hint…“ Rally for Respect.”)  We also advocated for graduate degree pay raises, the need (dire need) of more per-pupil expenditure, the classroom supplies that are older than some of the teachers, Teacher Assistant jobs, school counselors, school nurses, and many other things. Just in case you don’t believe me, here are some statistics: 1) North Carolina ranks 39th in the nation in per-Rallypupil expenditures. 2) NC received a “D” for school funding in an Education Weekly Quality Counts report. 3) NC received an “F” from a recent Rutgers University School Funding Fairness Report. 4) During the last ten years, teachers have seen funding for basic school supplies decrease by 55%, textbook funding decreased by 45%, and technology funding decreased by 59%. And finally, 5) North Carolina teachers have watched their salary supplement by 2%, and they have also watched additional pay for advanced degrees be removed.

On May 16th, we came together for these reasons. We marched. We held signs. We advocated. We took personal days. We spoke to legislators. We made history. We made friends. We chanted. We made our voices heard. We were NCAE Strong. We wore red. We took it personal. All 30,000 of us. So if you ask me why I did it, I would tell you I did it because of the elementary-aged student marching along with us wearing a t-shirt that says “I am a reason.” I did it because our future deserves better. I did it because I love my profession.

#itspersonal #NCAEStrong #kidsdeservebetter #red4ed

-Hannah Nixon